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Anggana Calendar 2017

Anggana are known for their spices and chili sauce, who knows you might have one sitting in your kitchen right now! For them we decided on a concept for the shoot to focus more on the process of using the product rather than the result.

Considering the packaging for their product has a vibrant and cheerful feel to it, we decided to use bright colour tones that match the character of the packaging and also create an ambience where the person can feel the mood that exudes when cooking with Cap Koepoe Koepoe Spices and Dua Belibis Chili Sauce. On each page of the month we also added tracing paper with recipes that specialize in Cap Koepoe Koepoe Spices and Dua Belibis Chilli Sauce so that the customer can follow and learn something new, thus adding value to the calendar!

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